The company Plariumgames has its own secret of success.

The company Plariumgames has its own secret of success, which, although they tried to use many, did not make any sense. It consists that the developer carries out the careful analysis of the game market, searches for successful projects, will allocate their advantages and on the basis of the received results does (makes) rather new game. Strangely enough, but the Rules of War – so similar to all and unlike anyone, could win the hearts of a large number of players and quickly became popular.

Review of online games Rules of War

Game Rules of War offers to extract only three main resources – this:

Titanium, which is mined in any city by specialized installations;

Uranium, for the production of which you need to drill special mines;

Credits. The main source is renting out all kinds of residential buildings.

Also worth noting is that, like in any other browser-based game, the rules of nuclear war also include donate currency – crystals, which, however, can also be obtained during the execution of various quests.

Everyone who played other online strategies, immediately learns in the Rules of War the elements familiar to him. We start with a small town, training quests with getting starting capital, immunity from attacks, which lasts 2 weeks – everything is traditional for this genre.

After the player develops his army to a more or less normal state, he begins to make outings from the base in order to rob his own kind. The first attacks take place on their own similar or abandoned bases. Of course, they do not have many resources, but while the army is not yet developed and a lot of time is given to the base, it is not necessary to choose. It should be noted that at any time your territory can unceremoniously announce its own by installing a powerful radiator near the border, and in this case you will either have to put a more powerful complex yourself or start a war – such are the cruel realities offered to us by the Strategy of the War.

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