The general conditions are as follows…

Let’s take the principle of the game in “craps” (“bones”) in an online casino. The essence is one – the player throws out the bones, after which the points are counted and victory or defeat is determined. But from this single rule there is already a huge number of varieties: Playing poker on bones; Pig; Yacht; Hi-Dais; Bluff; The game in 13, etc.

The norms of all known entertainment in the dice, which offer online casinos, you will find in the relevant section of our website.

The variety of popular roulette is so much that in one article you can not tell about all. Therefore, we brought the rules of the game into a separate section dedicated to roulette. Read, learn the features and nuances of each variation of the game, so as not to get into a mess when betting on real money.

The general conditions are as follows: your task is to guess either the number (one of 37), or the color (red / black), or what kind of number it will be – even or odd. Also, you can combine bets, make a series or dozens of several numbers at once. Depending on the chosen rate and its amount, you get a win.

There is a special table of winnings, one for all online casinos for classical roulette, for variations of the game, the payout options can vary quite a lot in different gaming clubs.

Poker Rules

Poker is a separate caste. Not only that the options for card entertainment an incredible amount, so also the winnings can be paid in completely different ways.

All varieties of poker you will find on our website. Each of the variations is interesting in its own way. Someone will like “Texas poker”, someone “Omaha”, and someone will become a real guru in “Oasis poker” or “Lowball”.

General principles for poker in all online casinos: to collect a certain combination of cards and bargain for it. Combinations are evaluated in different ways, there is a special tablet of all combinations that you can collect:

In some cases, poker is played by a joker, there are five-card and seven-card games, there is an opportunity to exchange cards, there is poker without the right to exchange … In general, go into the category and study.