Varieties and genres

Varieties, genres online games

Modern online games can be divided into two categories:

Browser. To run, you only need a browser and an Internet connection. No need to download additional files. Previously, browser games were less in demand, but today they are often played with new technologies that build graphics, gameplay and other mechanics to a high level. Examples of good browser games are: Vikings: War of Clans; Rail Nation, Drakensang, Demon Slayer.

Customer. To run, you must install the game files (client) on the computer, after downloading them from the official site. Unlike browser-based, client games use the computing power of the computer, which allows developers to implement many ideas. For example, a large open world, a diverse gameplay and more. Excellent examples are: Crossout, TERA Online, World of Tanks.

About 10 years ago, developers of online games preferred only the genre of RPG. Today you will see a variety of game projects in all genres: Simulators; Strategies; Shooters; MOBA; Military; Sport; Action; RPG and others.

Why online games – not a waste of time?

Many people consider online games a waste of time – and I do not agree with them. First, this is a great way of spending time. In games, you can escape from reality, become some kind of hero and do whatever you want. Do you want to go into space, build ships and fight against enemies? Welcome to Eve Online. Do you attract fantasy? Try Blade and Soul, Black Desert. Do you want to become a commander and the owner of the kingdom? You will like Stronghold Kingdoms.

In MMO (massively multiplayer online) you will interact with other users. This allows you to make new acquaintances, find like-minded people, which often does not have enough reality. Some people just do not understand your hobbies games, but in the virtual world there is no such thing. People communicate, go through tasks together, have fun.

Players are often required to show wit, tactical abilities and other skills to complete the task. For example, before a complex boss you need to learn its features, attacks, and during a fight quickly evade, which develops the reaction speed. In online strategies, you need to calculate tactics and anticipate the moves of rivals.